Back Porch Annual Tulip Festival Back Porch
Fabulous Garlic Spring is in the Air Piglet at Kilby Kilby Farm
Corn Capitol of BC Agassiz Corn Sparks Farm House Cheeses Back Porch
Lavender Farm House Canadian Hazelnut
Tulips of the Valley

A celebration of past and present, this tour is a rich mix of wonderful things to see, do, smell, and taste! See bison roaming the fields, watch artisan cheese and hand crafted pottery in the making. Take a guided tour of a diary farm, revisit a 1920’s active farming community, enjoy a twilight serenade, and shop for antiques, home & garden décor. Smell fresh coffee being roasted and 30 different varieties of tulips! Taste uniquely blended teas, heirloom tomatoes, gelati ice cream, Russian Red garlic, hazelnuts, corn, strawberries, and fresh veggies.