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The Foodies Guide to Markets in Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows

Jul 19, 2015

Although it’s great to sit in a Vancouver restaurant and try new dishes, true foodies and chefs love to experiment with their own ingredients. The big chain supermarkets sometimes fail to inspire, so here are a few stops on the Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows Circle Farm Tour that will make you remember why you love to cook with local food!


Haney Farmers Market

If you plan your trip right, you’ll be in the area on a Saturday and be able to enjoy the Haney Farmers Market. Operating from May 7 to October 8 and located in the park at 11925 Haney Place, this market features free underground parking and live music. The market is so well laid out and many local farmers and food processors are on hand to share their recipes, produce, meats and sauces with you. There is a kid friendly play area to keep those wee ones occupied and there’s no need to leave Fido at home because friendly pups on leashes are always welcome.


Blue Heron Fruit Winery

The Blue Heron Fruit Winery is an adorable family-run winery that is nestled on the family’s blueberry and cranberry farm. Most popular of their table wines are the cranberry in the summer and blueberry in winter. Don’t let your guests be fooled, fruit table wines don’t have to be sweet, but they do beautifully as a sangria as well if that’s where the day takes you!


Golden Ears Cheesecrafters

No dinner party (or relaxing afternoon) is complete without an artisan cheese plate or a fondue. Let’s not kid ourselves, cheese makes every recipe better, no matter how novice the cook!

Stop by the bistro at Golden Ears for the artisan grilled cheese or a pastry from the in-house pastry chef. On Wednesdays, bring the girls for High Tea (reservations required) and then shop the artisan cheeses and accompanying condiments. The staff is super friendly and informative and no question is considered silly. The sisters who started the store (to accompany their family dairy farm) know their cheese and you’ll learn a little something while picking up everything you need to impress your dinner guests.


Honeyland Canada

Honey lovers already know the benefits of buying local honey for both flavour and allergy relief, but meeting your beekeepers is a pretty great amazing foodie adventure. New construction will soon begin on Honeyland’s new building but stop by the store and pick up a variety of different honeys to use in your cooking and baking this summer.

hopcott-2.jpgHopcott Premium Meats

Before you even get a chance to wander through the aisles of Hopcott, you’ll be taken aback by the beautiful building this family-run butcher resides in. Local produce sits under market tents outside and timber beams draw your eye to a wrought iron chandelier once you step through the doors. 

The counters and displays feature Hopcott's hormone-free and dry-aged beef and in-house smoked sausages as well as a huge variety of other fresh and ready-made items. We picked up kielbasa and perogies, ribeye, some artisan cheese and local herbs during our visit and ate well all weekend!

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